Confidence in Motion Programs

Alternatives to Medication:

Did you know that physical activity has been shown to be as effective as medications like Prozac in treating depression and anxiety? With Dr. Anvin's background in both fitness and mental health, Confidence in Motion provides the perfect place to explore exercise as a mental health treatment. This program is open to all ages and can serve as a complete treatment plan, or as an adjunct to you or your child's existing therapy.

Healthy lifestyle change:

Are you concerned about you or your child's health or weight, and seeking a healthy, balanced alternative to dieting? With a focus on improving health, not fighting away pounds, Dr. Anvin will help you explore your thoughts about food, exercise and self-image, to develop an active, enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle.

Body image and self esteem:

When you don't feel comfortable in your body, it's that much harder to be active and in motion. Are you ready to break the downward spiral of shyness and isolation and learn to love your body? Would you love to see your child join playground games and feel faster, stronger, more coordinated, and more confident? Dr. Anvin can help you change the way you think about yourself and approach social situations through a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and enjoyable physical activity. Isn't it time you learned to love yourself?


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