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We are all born to move: to run, dance, jump and play. Motion lets us feel alive, powerful, confident and in control. It brings us health in mind as well as body, and helps us realize our full potential. We are born loving our bodies and loving the feeling of motion. Yet so many of us lose that love along the way. Whether its childhood messages about our physical skills or long hours at school or work, we forget the joys of being in the moment, in our bodies, moving for the sheer joy of being alive. Confidence in Motion can help you or your child reconnect with your active nature.

Confidence in Motion is an integrated mental health program created by Dr. Susan Anvin, psychologist and ACSM personal trainer. She combines behavior change techniques such as emotional awareness, problem solving, and cognitive restructuring with intrinsically rewarding activity plans to help adults and children reach a wide range of goals. Whether you're seeking a natural remedy for depression or anxiety, working to improve your self image, or need some support to recapture a healthy lifestyle, Confidence in Motion can set you on a path to success!


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