The Python named Perl

Introducing our new ball python, named Perl. If you don't get the name ask the nearest computer programmer.

Perl came home to us on Suzi's Birthday from the San Jose Reptile Show. He was hatched some time in August by a local snake breeder, Brian Gundy, and is a normal male Ball Python, one of the smaller python species. As of this writing he is about 21 inches long and weighs in at 5.6 ounces. He'll grow to be about 4 feet long and 5+ pounds. His favorite thing to do so far is HIDE, followed closely by slithering curiously over everything and anything he can manage not to fall off of. Well, that and killing his frozen food...

I also have a movie or two of him slithering along on his movie page

Download a zipfile with all the images (1.0 GiB/1.1 GB)